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         "May12 China Earthquake Relief" fund

As you all know, a deadly earthquake has waken us these days and we are all shocked by the relentless natural force as well as the devastation in Sichuan province of China. We trust that every one of us is very much willing to offer some help in one way or another. ACCP is calling for donations in the name of  "May12 China Earthquake Relief" fund.

To speed up the process, the donation method is to go through ACCP account. Dr. Li Ming will be the first person to collect cheques from donors. His Telephone number is (780)8635586. He is located in ECERF W3-030. This is a secured place so you need to call him to open the door once you arrive at the 3rd floor via west entrance of the building. Please check up the map before your visit.

Donors are required to make all cheques payable to 'ACCP' and write a note of 'Donation for May 12 China Earthquake Relief' on the cheques. Prof. Liu Lili, our treasurer, is going to verify and deposit the collected cheques into ACCP account on behalf of Chinese receiving body first. ACCP will transfer the consolidated donation fund to those in need via one of the Chinese Consulate Generals (either Vancouver or Calgary).

The donation is open to all members and public donors immediatly and will be closed on May 27, 2008 at 5:00PM.

                              ACCP Board
                              May 13, 2008

The donors are listed as follows: (The names are ordered according to the amounts donated; for the donors offered the same amount, they are listed in alphabeticl order)

Wang ShaoHua
Chang Scott
Li Liang
Xu YunJie
Zuo MingJian
Chen Jie
Fu Yuling and Harry Jiang
Lin YanPing
Zhang Hao
Chen TongWen
Ma YongSheng
Wu Joe
Xu YingFeng
He FangLiang
Wu JianPing
Chen Xi
Huang Biao
Le Chris
Li XingFang
Liu LiLi
Luo JingLi
Masako Miyazaki
Pang XiaoLi
Wang Zhiang & Chen XinMei
Zhao Qing
Jiang WenYing
Li YunWei
Adel Khaled