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Janice Brown East Asian Studies Web Limk
Scott  Chang Renewable Resources
Cho-Jieh Chen Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Jie Chen Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tongwen Chen Electrical and Computer Engineering
Xing-zhen Chen Physiology
Xi Chen Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
John Chiu Family Medicine
Ying Cui Educational Psychology
Feng Dai Mathematics
Ying DuanFinace and Management
Ryan Dunch History and Classics
Brain Evans History and Classics
Yuling Fu Medicine
Tie Jun Gao Surgery
Bin Han Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Charlie Hao Emory University School of Medicine
Fangliang He Renewable Resources
Biao Huang Chemical and Materials Engineering
Yonghua Ji School of Business
Hai JiangElectrical and Computer
Harry Jiang Surgery
Wendy JiangEast Asian
Wenran Jiang Political Science
Chris Le Public Health Sciences
Lawrence H. LeRadiology and Diagnostic
Lai Fong Leung East Asian Languages and Literatures
Changxi Li Agriculture, Food & Nutritional Science
Michael Li Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Yunwei LiElectrical and Computer
Xingfang Li Public Health Sciences
Xiaobo Li Computing Science
Liang Li Chemistry
Yanping Lin Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Guohui Lin Computing Science
Dekang Lin Computing Science
Jay(jie) LiuAlberta
Lili Liu Occupational Therapy
Yang LiuEnvironmental
Jingli Luo Chemical and Materials Engineering
Yongsheng MaMechanical
Yu Ma Marketing, Business Econ and Law
Masako MiyazakiOccupational
Xiaoli Pang Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Ming Rao Chemical and Materials Engineering
Sam Shen Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics
Guowen Song Human Ecology
Tian Tang Mechanical Engineering
Zhixiang Wang Cell Biology
Shaohua Wang Cardiac Surgery
Larry Wang Biological Sciences
Edy Wong Business
Haibin Wu Economics
Jianping Wu Agriculture, Food & Nutritional Science
Joe Wu Elementary Education
Zihui Xia Mechanical Engineering
James Xing Lab Medicine and Pathology
Zhenghe Xu Chemical and Materials Engineering
Wilsun Xu Electrical and Computer Engineering
Yingfeng Xu  Economics
Lihong Yang University of Alberta International
Herb Yang Computing Science
Francis Yeh Agriculture, Forestry & Home Econs
Jia-Huai YouComputing
Tong Yu Computing Science
Hongbo ZengChemical and Materials
Hao Zhang Chemical and Materials Engineering
Hong Zhang Computing Science
Hong Zhao Electrical and Computer Engineering
Qing Zhao Electrical and Computer Engineering
David Zhu Civil & Environmental Engineering
Mingjian Zuo Mechanical Engineering
Other Institutes
Siguo Chen Alberta Research Council
Tiejun Gao KMT Hepatech, Inc.
John Zhou Alberta Research Council